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    2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month at 1pm at El Pescador Restaurant

The Annual Cruz Roja Mexicana Colecta

Every year in March and April, you will see young volunteers in the streets collecting donations of money for Cruz Roja Mexicana.  This yearly event is an important means of funding Cruz Roja Mexicana. Cruz Roja Mexicana does not receive any funds from the government. This is important information for the general public to know so that you will better understand the importance to donating to Cruz Roja.  Without our donations, there is no Cruz Roja.

This year, the kick-off breakfast for the Colecta for 2018 was held at Las Rocas Hotel on March 7th.  In attendance was the President of the Rosarito Chapter of Cruz Roja Mexicana, and representatives from Baja’s Governor’s Office, the City of Rosarito, as well as many employees of Cruz Roja Mexicana and volunteers from Rosarito and Primo Tapia.  Members of the Primo Tapia Cruz Roja Board of Directors were there and gave a donation of $5,000 (USD) to start the campaign for 2018. 

Please give generously when you see the young people collecting for Cruz Roja Mexicana.

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