CALL 9-1-1

Cruz Roja Mexicana makes every effort to hire bilingual dispatchers. However, this is not always possible. If you don’t speak Spanish, below is a little tutorial. It would be helpful to you if you could memorize a few phrases. You might also try to get a bilingual person (friend, security guard) to make the call for you or to assist you.

If you do not speak Spanish and there is no one available to assist you with translation, or the operator answering your call is not bilingual, you can use the following words and phrases to help you explain the nature of your emergency
Dial 911 and tell the operator:

Yo necesito una ambulancia para una persona (I need an ambulance for a person)

  • Enferma (sick),
  • Herida (wounded),
  • Con ataque de corazon (heart attack),
  • Un derrame cerebral (stroke),
  • Quemado (burned)
  • Mareada (dizzy),
  • Asfixiandose (choking),
  • Ahogandose (drowning),
  • Dando a luz (having a baby)

Yo necesito la policia (I need the police)

  • Para un accidente de coches (a car accident)
  • Un robo (a robbery)
  • Un asalto (an assault)

Yo necesito los bomberos para un fuego (I need the fire department for a fire)

  • En mi casa (in my house),
  • En un llano (in a field),
  • En mi coche (in my car)

My name is _______ and I live at__________

Me llamo (your name) y vivo en (your address and development or campo).

This “translation” is not an attempt to get you speaking perfect Spanish but just to help you communicate enough to get the help you need.

Please be patient.  Remember, we are in a foreign country.