Frequently Asked Questions

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I am confused about what phone number to call in an emergency. I thought I was supposed to call 066. Also, I have heard that if I live in La Mision or BajaMar, I had another number to call.

Cruz Roja Mexicana has set up a special number for MEMBERS ONLY who live in La Mision and BajaMar.  Call 045-661-125-2125.  Remember, it is for Cruz Roja members only.  Throughout the rest of Mexico, the number to call is 9-1-1.  

If I live in La Mision or Baja Mar, could I get the ambulance to take me to a hospital in Ensenada?

No.  The ambulance in this area will only transport you to hospitals in Rosarito and, if necessary, to the border.

What if I don’t speak Spanish and I need to call 9-1-1? Will they understand me?

Every effort is made to have bilingual dispatch officers.  However, this is not always possible. Often, the ambulance drivers and paramedics are bilingual but not always.  We do urge you to look at the section of this website called “Emergencies” and try to learn just a few important phrases to help you in case of an emergency.

When is it appropriate to call 9-1-1?

Call 9-1-1 for any emergency.  If you need an ambulance, if there is a fire, if you are in a life or death emergency situation, call 9-1-1.  In the United States, you would not call 9-1-1 if you cut your knee or if you have a stomach ache.  Use the Mexican Ambulance service in the same way, for bona fide emergencies. If you could drive yourself or get a friend to drive you to the Clinic in Rosarito, then it may not be an emergency.

Where do I find the Cruz Roja Clinic in Rosarito?

Your GPS probably calls it Cruz Roja Hospital.  However, this is more like a triage center where the ambulance will go first to assess the needs and decide if you need to be transported to the General Hospital in Rosarito or to one over the border.  You can also walk into this clinic for general medical services such as x-rays, etc.


It is located at Rene Ortiz Campoy, #100, Zona Central, Rosarito.  Traveling North on Blvd. Benito Juarez, turn right onto Cliofas Ruiz (where the Integral Pharmacy is) and take the next left onto Mar del Nte.  In 700 meters, make another left onto Rene Ortiz Campoy.  Remember, if you are a member of Cruz Roja, medical services, except the consultation fee, provided to you at the Cruz Roja Clinic are discounted by 10%.  Please bring your membership card.

How do I become a volunteer?

We have several volunteer opportunities.  We need your help.  You can go to the page on our website called “volunteering” and fill out the volunteer form.  We will contact you.  Or you can just stop by the store and pick up one of these forms and fill it out and turn it into the store.

How can I become a member of Cruz Roja Primo Tapia?

Membership is the life blood of Cruz Roja and membership saves lives.  Maybe it will be your own.  Individual membership is $20.00 per year.  There are other membership categories as well. Please go to the membership page on this website and fill out the membership application.  After we receive your application and the fee, we will send you your membership card.

What is the benefit of becoming a member of Cruz Roja Primo Tapia?

All the money raised through memberships goes directly to support the mission of Cruz Roja Mexicana.  Lives are saved every day because of the work of Cruz Roja Mexicana.  For you, personally, the benefit is that if you are a member and you need an ambulance to take you to the border, you save $100.  Without your membership, the cost would be $200.  Also, any medical services that you receive at the Cruz Roja Clinic, except the consultation, are discounted by 10% if you are a member.

I am a member of Cruz Roja Rosarito. Should I become a member of Cruz Roja Primo Tapia as well?

There is no need to be members of both Chapters.  Both Cruz Roja Primo Tapia and Cruz Roja Rosarito exist to serve the needs of Cruz Roja Mexicana in our specific areas.  It would make sense to be a member of the Chapter in the area in which you reside.  The funds raised by the Primo Tapia Chapter help to maintain the ambulance services in our local area.  Without that, the ambulance would have to come all the way from Rosarito and life-saving minutes would be lost.

What else can I do to help other than my annual membership fee?

You can contribute monetary donations as well as donations of household goods and clothing to the thrift store.  You can get involved by volunteering at our Events or in the thrift store.  We need your help.  Come by the Thrift Store and talk to the volunteers.  We would love to meet you.  Stop by our special events also. The volunteers would love to sign you up.  Perhaps you have special skills to offer such as event planning, media, marketing, computer skills, etc. There are many needs.  You could contribute by becoming a member of the Board of Directors as well.  Please go to the page on this website called “Volunteering” and fill out the form.

What are the Special Events held by Cruz Roja Primo Tapia?

Besides the on-going support of the Thrift Store, the volunteers hold the following annual events:

  • Bingo on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at El Pescador Restaurant - 1pm. 
  • Oktoberfest.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Event.
What are the hours that the Thrift Store is open?

Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Is the Thrift Store in Primo Tapia operated by the same group as the Thrift Store in Rosarito?

Both exist to benefit Cruz Roja Mexicana.  However, both are operated by volunteers and volunteer Boards of Directors in each local community under the authority of Cruz Roja Mexicana. The Primo Tapia Thrift store benefits the Primo Tapia Chapter of Cruz Roja and the funds go directly to support the ambulance service in our local community.  The Cruz Roja Primo Tapia Thrift Store is operated solely by volunteers.

What is the difference between Cruz Roja Primo Tapia and Cruz Roja Mexicana and Cruz Roja Rosarito?

Cruz Roja Primo Tapia and Cruz Roja Rosarito are Chapters of Cruz Roja Mexicana.  Cruz Roja Mexicana is the National humanitarian organization that exists throughout Mexico.  Cruz Roja Primo Tapia’s ambulance services cover the area from Boulevard 2000 South to and including BajaMar.  Cruz Roja Rosarito’s ambulance services cover the area North of Boulevard 2000 to Playas De Tijuana. 

Why is the official name called “Voluntarios Americanos”? Can I get involved if I am Mexican?

Certainly.  We want and need your help.  Cruz Roja Mexicana wanted to be sure to differentiate our Chapter as well as the Chapter in Rosarito from the National group.  The American volunteers are working on behalf of the Mexican people and community in our area.  We welcome individuals from this local community to join us in this work.  We are eager to have more Mexican people on our Board of Directors as well.  Please fill out the volunteer form in the section of the website called “Volunteering.”

Where does my donation go and what does it help?

100% of all your donations to Cruz Roja Primo Tapia go directly to support the mission of Cruz Roja Mexicana.  A priority of the Primo Tapia Chapter is maintaining the ambulance in our local community.  Over and above that, the needs of Cruz Roja Mexicana are the needs of Cruz Roja Primo Tapia.  The Cruz Roja Hospital and Clinic in Rosarito are important resources for our community and our funds help support these services. 

What goals does Cruz Roja Primo Tapia have for the future?

Cruz Roja Mexicana operated a clinic in the South of Primo Tapia some years ago and they were forced to close it due to lack of funds.  In fact, this was a major part of the impetus that created Cruz Roja Primo Tapia in the first place.  One of our goals is to open this clinic again so that the medical needs of the local community could be better met.

What area is covered by the ambulance for Cruz Roja Primo Tapia?

Cruz Roja Primo Tapia’s ambulance services cover the area from Boulevard 2000 South to and including BajaMar.  Cruz Roja Rosarito’s ambulance services cover the area North of Boulevard 2000 to Playas De Tijuana. However, it is important to note that Cruz Roja Mexicana will always respond to emergencies with whatever ambulance is the closest to the emergency situation, no matter where you are.

Do I have to become a member to use Cruz Roja Mexicana services?

No.  The ambulance services are free to everyone.  However, if you need to be transported to the border so that another ambulance can meet you at the border and transport you to a hospital in the United States, the fee for that service is $200 without a membership and $100 with a membership.  In addition, your membership allows you to receive 10% off of services at the Cruz Roja clinic.